Custom Built Computers
We offer custom built computers tailored to your wants and needs. The amount of care that goes into customizing your dream machine is unmeasurable. If you’re a Gamer, a student, a downloader, Mechanic, Doctor, or a Dj,… We can build you the perfect computer.
We build brand new custom computers, both Desktop and Laptops. We remove spyware, adware, malware, trojans, viruses and all other nasties that bug up your computer. We can upgrade old machines, replace old parts, remote fix your computer over the internet, data backup and restoration, set up wireless networks, and much much more.
Remote Help
Yes we can fix your PC right over the internet! No need to unhook all those cables, no need to fill up the gas tank, no need to have some stranger in your home…Just hit the CONTACT US button, and we can fix your computer without all the hassle. We are much more affordable than “the other guys” and, any software we use to fix the problem, are yours to keep, “For FREE.” What are you waiting for, lets get that computer fixed.